Winter Talks

Forth coming talks this winter include:


3rd December at 7-30 to Coldstream History Society , at the Eildon Centre

11th January 2016 at 7-30 to Norham History society , at the Village hall.

18th February 2016 10-30 to Eyemouth Probus.


This will cover the background of Wilsons life, the publishing of and history of the tales and focus in the correspondence between Wilson and Everrett , held by the National Library of Scotland which gives us an insight into Wilson’s personality.

Fab Funky

Wilsons Tales PrintsWilsons Tales Fab FunkyWilsons Tales Fantosh

We have come across various ways in which people are reusing the tales. Including Kelly Stevens of FabFunky, pictured here at a market in London. She uses the pages of old editions as the backdrop to some funky animal prints.

I see these are now for sale locally at the recently opened Tea Boutique and gift shop “Fantosh” , which has just opened in Marygate in Berwick. She sells these all around the world.

Tales on Film

We have been quietly capturing some of the Tales from our live events on film in a variety of different ways. This will provide a more permanent legacy, a chance for a wider audience to see these tales and will give us content for future plans for a “Pop up” Museum. This has been done using a range of local amateur and professionals establishing themselves and one of the projects functions has become to provide material and a platform for artists of all sorts to develop and practice their skills and artistry.

Some of this work was showcased at the first public premiere of “Tales on Film” which was held at the Henry Travers studio at the Maltings on Wednesday 18th November.

It featured 4 tales: The Monks of Dryburgh (with input from the Duns Players), The Faithful Wife (which won our young film makers awards at the Berwick 2013 Film and Media Festival), The Vacant Chair (Wilson’s first published tale) and finally The Monomaniac a drama shot on location at Paxton House.